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Asset Tracking & the Supply Chain: Implementing IOT Applications and Adapting to the Pandemic

Click here to Access Podcast now! Asset tracking and the supply chain have been among the earliest applications to gain significant traction - first in the machine-to-machine (M2M) market over the last two decades and, in more recent years, in the Internet of Things (IoT). With applications becoming more ubiquitous, pervasive and sophisticated, smart logistics solutions offer unprecedented visibility and accuracy throughout the modern supply chain and factory now more than ever.

5G’s Role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Click here to Access Podcast now! With 5G helping to usher in a Fourth Industrial Revolution, the benefits of a next-generation network are anticipated to register strongly on the factory floor. Just as the refinement of mechanical processes led eventually to the assembly line, the combination of 5G and manufacturing has the potential to bring about another radical breakthrough.

Future Vision for Supply Chains in a Disruptive World

Click here to Access Podcast now! At the start of 2020, when experts were busy providing their “20/20 vision,” no one predicted a global pandemic that would bring the global economy to a virtual standstill within weeks. Demand for goods and services became highly variable. The supply of critical materials was uncertain. Labor and resource capacity in manufacturing and logistics turned severely constrained.

The Future of Operations

Click here to Access Podcast now! To respond to the increasing demand for more custom products and experiences, organizations must pivot from an operational mindset around throughput and efficiency to a market-driven mindset. As IT and Operations Technology (OT) converge, companies will focus on using digital capabilities to build a resilient organization through instrumentation, infrastructure, integration, and insight.

Human + Machine: Augmented Intelligence Amplifies ROI in the Workplace

Click here to Access Podcast now! This podcast gives you insight into how you can integrate data from your assets and input from your people to lead successful digital transformation initiatives and how to achieve upwards of 5x ROI.
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How the “Work from Home” Environment Is Making Technology More Important than Ever

Click here to Access Podcast now! The impact of Covid-19 is very much affecting jobs of all varieties globally, and therefore Internet of Business very much welcomed the opportunity to speak to Jon Weiss, to hear his perspective on how the “work from home” environment is making technology more important than ever.

Agile Development in IoT Project Delivery

Click here to Access Podcast now! With IoT projects still rarely sticking to time plans, and in fact, 75% of IoT projects taking twice as long as planned - causing financial and planning problems along the way - it is important to understand not only why this happens but also of course, how it can be prevented. Listen to hear Ben Wald, Founder and Head of Client Strategy at Very, an IoT development agency that delivers end to end IoT solutions for its customers, explore the benefits agile development brings to IoT project delivery. Gain insights into the key stages of agile development for IoT, and look at the approach’s positive outcomes.

Demystifying Encryption in Today & Tomorrow’s Digital World

Click here to Access Podcast now! With security threats and breaches happening daily, it is obvious that further action is needed to safeguard our data, devices, and privacy from vulnerabilities. Therefore, understanding of the importance of encryption in cybersecurity practices is needed now more than ever. Brad Beutlich shares his knowledge and insights into how encryption is protecting businesses today, and will help counter cyber threats of the future, explaining the precautions needed as Quantum computing continues to step towards mainstream adoption.