PTC announces IoT platform ThingWorx 7
PTC announces IoT platform ThingWorx 7
PTC announces IoT platform ThingWorx 7

PTC announces IoT platform ThingWorx 7

PTC has announced ThingWorx 7, an IoT platform with tools to aid users in managing and analysing data from their connected products.

New features of ThingWorx 7 include an enhanced set of tools for managing connected products, powerful new analytics capabilities, support of public clouds (like Amazon Web Services), and simplified platform components that make it easier for developers to use their preferred tools to experiment with, prototype, and develop new IoT solutions.

The firm has also announced that ThingWorx Utilities – formerly Converge – now comes with pre-built tools to allow companies to manage, monitor, and extract data from products. Users can remotely monitor and manage all their connected devices, troubleshoot problems, and provide operator assistance. The product also allows simple and secure mass distribution of content to connected devices, such as operating system updates, and application upgrades.

Companies can build custom dashboards which display data about the status and performance of their connected products. There is also the option to receive alerts when a connected device isn’t functioning as it should.

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PTC helps IoT developers too

ThingWorx 7 also allows developers to use their preferred development tools, such as Eclipse. Users can source management tools, such as Git in an environment which allows then to create and experiment with IoT solutions quickly.

ThingWorx’ QuickStart Kits are also available for developers to use to create applications and devices, with guided tutorials of the ThingWorx IoT application enablement platform, and tools to create IoT solutions, connect devices and data, and display results.

Rob Gremley, president at PTC, said in a statement: “As an open, flexible platform, ThingWorx gives developers the freedom to build with their preferred tools and create solutions that work with their existing device cloud infrastructure. Smart, connected products and systems are the future, and ThingWorx 7 enables companies to accelerate IoT application development and to fully realize the value of their investment in IoT initiatives.”

Carrie MacGillivray, VP of IoT at IDC, added: “By offering a comprehensive technology portfolio and strong cloud offering – that will appeal to enterprise customers and developers alike – ThingWorx stands to strengthen its position in this competitive market.”

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