Samsung, Microsoft announce IoT partnership for Windows 10 devices
Samsung's Dr.WP Hong talks IoT ecosystems during his CES keynote

Samsung, Microsoft announce IoT partnership for Windows 10 devices

Samsung and Microsoft announced a new Internet of Things partnership during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

It is not yet clear exactly what form the partnership will take, but it will centre on making Windows 10 a reliable and flexible platform for IoT devices.

Microsoft is keen to be a major player in the IoT space, especially after falling behind Google’s Android and Apple in the smartphone pecking order. The Redmond-based company is also developing a lightweight version of its new operating system, Windows 10 IoT Core, specifically geared towards connected devices. However, this was not mentioned directly during the CES address, most probably as Samsung is not involved in the project.

“Of course, Windows and Samsung have worked closely together for over 30 years – co-designing many great Windows devices,” explained Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft.

“With Windows 10, both companies wanted to do something great together, and we showcased the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, along with our shared vision for future innovation together across the entire Internet of Things.”

Even prior to the CES announcement, Microsoft has been championing its new OS as an IoT platform. Developers can create universal applications that work across all Windows 10 devices and utilise Windows IoT device APIs for a wide range of connectivity options.

Samsung, too, is making a concerted effort to enter the IoT space, stating that all Samsung televisions will be IoT devices by 2017 and that by 2021, all Samsung hardware will be IoT-ready.

The South Korean company’s decision to partner with Microsoft rather than Google for its IoT plans is just the latest indication that the relationship between the two firms is not on the best of terms. Samsung’s decision to release the Galaxy TabPro S as a Windows 10 device also suggests that Microsoft will be a key partner in the coming years.