Samsung partners with MTS to explore IoT opportunities
Samsung exponential iot growth in korea

Samsung partners with MTS to explore IoT opportunities

Korean technology giant Samsung has signed a deal with a Russian mobile operator MTS to explore 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Samsung is partnering with Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) to explore opportunities in emerging technologies, such as 5G and the IoT. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed that covers technologies such as carrier aggregation, multiple input multiple output (MIMO), LTE broadcast, as well as IoT standards such as narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) and LTE-machine.

Together the two companies will focus on new technologies with a view to enhancing data communication speeds, but the collaboration will also see MTS branch out in terms of research to uncover opportunities for new technologies such as IoT.

The move is the most recent of many positive steps that Samsung has taken towards developing the IoT. Already this year the Korean firm has launched an IoT cloud service platform and announced a huge investment in R&D.

MTS targets corporate and mass market IoT deployment

MTS Vice President of technology, Andrei Ushatskiy, said that “MTS is consecutively working on the preparation of its network in Russian regions for 5G technology deployment, and signing a memorandum with Samsung is another important step on that way.”

“Paying close attention now to innovative research and development, when new standard requirements are still under formation, we will build a basis for quick 5G implementation in the future,” said Ushatskiy. MTS are hoping to adapt to changing consumer needs in Russia’s telecoms market.

“Commercial deployment of new technologies, including an area of IoT, will make it possible for us to occupy new market niches in both corporate and mass market domains.”

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Samsung to leverage IoT to “benefit lives of Russians”

“Samsung is pleased to sign this MoU with MTS as it proves our successful partnership around LTE. We are confident that this collaboration will play a key role in leveraging advanced technologies to bring everyday benefit to the lives of Russians,” said Dong Soo Park, EVP of the networks business at Samsung Electronics.

“Based on Samsung’s strengths in 5G and IoT, we look forward to supporting MTS in solidifying their position as an innovative telecommunications leader by discovering new opportunities for the commercialization of 5G.”