SAP drives innovation with partners in IoT collaboration
SAP pushes forward iot collaboration

SAP drives innovation with partners in IoT collaboration

Enterprise application software giant SAP is pushing for its partners to join in IoT collaboration. 

As a major player in the world of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SAP is no stranger to coordinating large-scale operations. Now the company is set to do the same with its partners, in a move that it hopes will enable new levels of process and factory automation for IoT solutions in the long run. SAP customers will now have access to the SAP Asset Intelligence Network and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

The idea is that these connecting platforms will enable businesses in the industry to come together in a powerful ecosystem, working together to drive IoT innovation forwards – particularly in an industrial setting.

“We are activating the network to provide the collaboration platform and the business context for new IoT innovations that will transform asset management and process automation,” said Tanja Rueckert, executive vice president, LoB Digital Assets and IoT, SAP. “We are growing the powerful ecosystem of technology companies that will enable new levels of business outcomes from smarter factories and production processes.”

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The hub of SAP’s IoT collaboration will be the company’s Asset Intelligence Network, which offers a global register of model and equipment information, along with a secure cloud platform for multiple business partners to connect for collaboration.

Within the network, SAP intends for its partners to collaborate on a range of solutions, from connected asset lifecycle management to track and trace, self-registration, onboarding of devices and the automatic creation of digital twins.

Among SAP’s platform partners are Endress+Hauser, Hilscher, Pepperl+Fuchs and SAMSON. They will all be collaborating with SAP to provide and build IoT solutions from field devices to enterprise level.

IoT collaboration is essential for success

Speaking exclusively with Internet of Business Ian Hughes, analyst at 451 Research, highlighted the fact that IoT projects and the technology in general need various strands of expertise to be properly implemented.

“The general profile of an IoT project crosses organizational silos and areas of expertise, which makes it essential that collaboration occurs at all levels,” he said.

“Physical installation is required for sense and control end point devices, network and connectivity has to be provided, analytics to gain insight and take action is also needed across the system, and typically data is integrating with existing business IT systems too. Across the entire spectrum, security needs to be considered from the outset. IoT is not a bolt-on of a few extra sensors, it is an integral part of a digital transformation and hence requires multi-party collaboration to be successful.”

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SAP and network participants are showcasing IoT innovation for process and factory automation at the SPS IPC Drives 2016, currently being held in Nuremburg, Germany.