Singapore offers free A.I. training to 12,000 citizens and executives

Singapore offers free A.I. training to 12,000 citizens and executives

NEWSBYTE The democratisation of artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing apace in Singapore, thanks to a new government initiative.

From 30 August, secondary students and working adults in the country are being give the opportunity to learn the basics of AI for free, as part of a new programme called AI for Everyone (AI4E).

The government is targeting 10,000 participants. It aims to familiarise them with the technology and help them understand how it can be used in their daily lives, according to the minister for Communications and Information, S Iswaran.

By stressing the enormous potential of the technology and its many benefits, the government is also hoping to dispel fears that AI will replace human jobs in the future.

AI4E takes the form of a three-hour workshop on AI and data science, in a programme that will run regularly for three years, with supporting materials provided by Microsoft and Intel.

The government is also running a separate initiative, AI for Industry (AI4I), which is targeting 2,000 executives with a three-month foundation course on the technology, backed by the same partners.

Internet of Business says

The aim of providing free AI education to thousands of citizens and in-depth training to business executives is a bold one, which Internet of Business hopes will be emulated elsewhere.

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