Smart bin from Polish start-up Bin-e set to sort UK recycling problems
Smart bin from Polish start-up Bin-e set to sort UK recycling problems
(Photo: Bin-e)

Smart bin from Polish start-up Bin-e set to sort UK recycling problems

A smart bin, which automatically sorts rubbish into the requisite recycling categories, is set to go on sale in the UK within a few years, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The bin is designed by Polish start-up Bin-e, and is currently being trialed in its country of origin. Should the trial prove successful, the bin is anticipated to go on sale in the UK.

Supposedly, the bin’s technology comprises sensors, image recognition technology and artificial intelligence, enabling it to recognize and categorize recycling litter into one of its smaller bins faster than a human being. The litter is then compressed, so it occupies less space.

The message for recyclers, of course, is that this technology could mean less time spent sifting through and sorting various products into categories for recycling. At Bin-e, executives believe the simplicity of recycling in this manner may mean that more of us  ‘do our bit’ for the environment, without really thinking about it.

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Smart bin to make recycling simple

This technology should be especially welcome by UK householders, with as many as 18 councils said to have moved to or be likely moving to thrice-weekly rubbish collections in the not-too-distant future. Three councils have already adopted four-times weekly collections, according to the Telegraph.

At the same time, general bin collections involving all household waste (that is, including non-recyclables) are being reduced, in a bid to change the way more than one million UK households approach recycling.

(Photo: Bin-e)

Matt Thomas, a utility buyer at John Lewis, one UK store that may stock Bin-e’s product, told the paper that its “customers are becoming more and more sustainability-focused, opting for dual compartment recycling bins that make it far easier to recycle different types of waste.” This demand has seen a 25 percent increase in purchases of specialist bins sold by John Lewis in the last few months.

“In response to this demand, we are really excited to introduce a new voice and sensor-activated smart bin this autumn/winter season – designed to use innovative technology to make recycling more efficient and functional for the everyday home,” Thomas added.

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Private and public applications

There are two versions of the bin, one for office environments and one for the home. The office version will cost £430, but corporate customers will be to pay a £107 subscription fee if they want the smartphone app that enables them to arrange specific collection services. Bin-e says the home version will be cheaper and will not include a subscription fee.

A Bin-e spokesperson said “After the office version, we plan to create an outdoor version and later the home version. We decided to go for the outdoor version for public areas first because it is more difficult to organize an efficient waste segregating system than in our homes.”

(Photo: Bin-e)

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