Standard Chartered deploys Kasisto chatbots to help customers
Standard Chartered deploys Kasisto chatbots to assist customers

Standard Chartered deploys Kasisto chatbots to help customers

Standard Chartered banking customers will soon be getting assistance from Kasisto chatbots on a range of money management matters.

The chatbots deployed by Standard Chartered are capable of natural language conversations and, if regulatory approval is forthcoming, the service will initially roll out next year in Hong Kong before being implemented more widely.

The system that’s been chosen by Standard Chartered, meanwhile, is Kasisto’s conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform, KAI Banking. This is capable of holding contextual and personalised conversations and taking actions as directed by customers. The chatbots can fulfill requests, solve problems, and predict needs, according to the company, as well as help companies support and market their products and services.

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Getting a head start

The system has been built for banking, so it has a head start on being trained to understand Standard Chartered’s products and services. In the specific context of Standard Chartered, the new chatbot service will be able to act as a virtual personal assistant, helping clients manage money, make payments and analyze their spending in a split-second.

Part of the lure of the Kasisto system is its ability to conduct ‘human-like’ conversations. In addition it can function across multiple platforms, including a bank’s mobile apps, web site, Facebook Messenger, and IoT devices like Amazon, Alexa and Google Home.

Importantly, the system it knows when it’s reached the limits of its abilities and will call in a human to take over.

Deniz Güven, global head of design and client experience at Standard Chartered, said: “We are taking disruptive technology and using it to design a client experience that is not just convenient and personal – it’s a whole new banking experience. Looking at how quickly our clients are embracing digital, I expect our chatbot will become a popular way to connect with us anytime, anywhere.”

Standard Chartered joins a list of Kasisto customers that also includes DBS Bank, Mastercard, TD Bank, and Wells Fargo.

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