Stonelin launches IoT trackers for social care and logistics
Stonelin launches IoT trackers for social care and logistics

Stonelin launches IoT trackers for social care and logistics

UK-based electronic device start-up Stonelin is set to launch three connected trackers with assistance from Orange Business Services. 

Smart tracking is one of the most obvious applications of an IoT device capable of harnessing low-power technology. Whether it’s stolen vehicles or wandering patients, knowing where someone or something is at any given time can be priceless. The ability to track and learn from patterns can also add a layer of intelligence to analysis that wouldn’t otherwise have been there.

UK start-up Stonelin has announced that it will be delivering three tracking applications for the logistics and care industries: V-Trak, D-Trak and W-Trak.

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Improving logistics and social care

Each of Stonelin’s latest devices incorporate GPS tracking.

V-Trak is small sensor designed to be easily installed in vehicles. Instead of being a kind of anti-theft device, Stonelin envisions it as a means to monitor vehicle location, driver performance and telematics.

D-Trak and W-Trak are offering similar benefits to the social care industry. D-Trak is a wearable device designed to be worn by those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. In essence, it’s a ‘lost person’ tracking device and wristwatch rolled into one.

D-Trak also attempts to solve the battery issues that come with conventional trackers. Its unique power management features include a Bluetooth-connected base station, which keeps the device in low-power consumption mode until a virtual fence is breached.

Stonelin’s third device, W-Trak, is designed to help care authorities keep track of carergivers and monitor how much time they spend with patients. The device can be worn and transmits GPS information to a web-based platform or mobile app. The data can then be used to calculate salaries and compliance.

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Orange’s connectivity services

Stonelin’s tracking devices will rely on Orange Business Services for connectivity in Europe and Asia over the next five years. The UK start-up has already run successful trials using Orange SIM technology for the new devices in several locations around the world.

“We are proud to support Stonelin with their innovative tracking technology,” said Helmut Reisinger, executive vice president at Orange Business Services.

He also asserted that Orange’s worldwide reach was ideal for a start-up with ambitions to deliver applications to a number of countries. “As a global provider, we can support them with accurate and wide-scale IoT coverage,” he said. “And with our Datavenue IoT and data analytics offer, we look forward to helping companies like Stonelin capitalize on the ever-increasing connected world and data explosion.”

Managing director of Stonelin, Steven Stone, highlighted the importance of reliability with tracking devices in logistics and social care. “With our planned IoT portfolio, performance is paramount,” he said.

“As a start-up, the Orange experience in GPS tracking, IoT connectivity and connected device data support has been invaluable in the development of our tracking products and will ensure they realize their full potential.”

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