Telit and Tech Mahindra to collaborate on IoT solutions

Telit and Tech Mahindra to collaborate on IoT solutions

Telit, a global leader in IoT product provision and Tech Mahindra, a provider of networking technology solutions, have signed a multi-faceted collaboration agreement today enabling the development of end-to-end solutions for the Internet of Things.

The partnership will see the combing of Telit’s IoT product portfolio with Tech Mahindra’s system integration and end-to-end enterprise solutions expertise. Tech Mahindra’s IoT experts have been trained and are fully certified in designing end-to-end solutions around Telit IoT modules, connectivity and cloud-based platforms.

The firms hope that this level of connectivity should reduce overall complexity, cost and time-to-market for those customers looking to use the service when compared to others producing custom IoT projects in-house.

The two companies are already working together with a host of industrial customers, including a heavy equipment company.

In addition to this arrangement, Telit have agreed to outsource related engineering development and testing activities to Tech Mahindra.

This will, in the words of Karthikeyan Natarajan, senior vice president of Tech Mahindra, make the companies “well positioned to grow at a faster pace or equal to the sector”.

IoT growth in manufacturing

The firms are looking to appeal to “manufacturing customers across automotive, aerospace, medical, discrete and hi-tech manufacturing verticals”, with Natarajan adding there is a “particular emphasis on the industrial internet and Industry 4.0 programs.”

If the partnership is a success, the benefits will be felt not only by the two firms but also those dealing with them, as their systems become more efficient.

By Oliver Baxandall

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