TIBCO Insight drives automated actions for IIoT apps

TIBCO Insight drives automated actions for IIoT apps

The TIBCO Insight Platform bids to connect people with smart systems, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, so enabling real-time decision support, automated action and continuous learning.

Gearing up the automated IIoT

Technologies designed to serve the fast-growing IIoT sector are proliferating on a daily basis. Crucial elements we are now learning about are very much focused on the ‘automation intelligence’ end of what is being brought to market. Within this real we find ourselves moving from ‘one-click’ deployments to so-called ‘zero-click’ operations where actions are taken automatically by systems that have the ability to show continuous learning.

It is all a process of giving our machines the ability to operate for us with enough intelligence to take action in response to data, in real-time… or as near to real-time as is every humanly possible.

Aiming to fire its latest product releases squarely at this space is TIBCO. The API management and analytics firm has this week announced its TIBCO Insight Platform for facilitating faster informed decisions and actions on the business.

TIBCO ‘digital nervous system’

What this is, essentially, is a bunch of software filled with interconnected data, systems and analytics intelligence. The product fuses multiple technologies to form an intelligent digital nervous system across:

  • data,
  • software,
  • field equipment,
  • technical teams and,
  • management staff.

The TIBCO Insight Platform connects people with smart systems, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications for real-time decision support, automated action and continuous learning.

The firm says that this software can be used for companies of all sizes and in any industry, including oil & gas, manufacturing, financial services, retail, healthcare etc.

“The TIBCO Insight Platform draws on our visual, predictive, and streaming analytics, integration, and business process management technologies to deliver a simple, intuitive and comprehensive experience for decision support and automated action. The platform supports our mission to help our customers optimise their business operations and reach their own unique level of excellence,” said Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer, TIBCO.

x3 analytics: visual, predictive & streaming

The TIBCO Insight Platform combines visual, predictive and streaming analytics in a closed-loop formation to turn analytic insights into action. The company also provides immersive data wrangling, predictive analytics, algorithm management and machine learning technologies to differentiate the platform.

Where this takes us next is interesting i.e. we get to a point where industrial IIoT data management takes place in a world where firms can grab their data and then choose to exert different analytics techniques upon it.

… and so here is your takeaway, it is also about being able to “close the feedback loop” on the data being tracked and processed by capturing so-called “outcome data” — and in this way, in theory at least, firms can continuously optimize and, well, get smarter with their devices basically.

No it’s not as simple as just turning this kind of tech on and it’s a way away from zero-click deployment just yet, but the trend for data that is fed back into data for continuous throughput is very real. It’s not quite the rise of the machines and the end of the human race as we know it, we still have to start the engines… for now.