TomTom brings connected car services to Kia and Hyundai

TomTom brings connected car services to Kia and Hyundai

Two Korean car makers sign up for TomTom information services in their European models.

Navigation specialist TomTom will be providing connected car services to two Korean car manufacturers.

TomTom has announced a deal with Hyundai to provide connected car services, such as its On-Street and Off-Street Parking, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Locations, and Fuel Price Service.

TomTom will also provide the same services to Kia drivers in Europe. This is an expansion from a previous offering that originally included TomTom Traffic, TomTom SpeedCams, Local Search, and Weather services.

For Hyundai drivers, the services will be delivered via Hyundai’s Live Services connected infotainment system and will be available on all new Hyundai cars produced for Europe, starting from November 2018.

Kia drivers will access the same services through Kia’s connected infotainment system. They will be available from the next generation of Kia Ceed, and then introduced across the whole range by 2019.

Kia owners will be among the first drivers in the world to benefit from TomTom’s probe-based On-Street Parking and EV Service. TomTom said this will create a “less stressful parking experience”, while enabling electric vehicle owners to locate suitable charging points along their routes.

Cars get more connected

Antoine Saucier, managing director of TomTom Automotive, said his company is “excited” to be expanding Kia’s seven-year connected services offer. He added that with the expansion of its connected car services on new Hyundai models across Europe, “we’re bringing an even more connected, and relaxed, driving experience.”

“Drivers are demanding connected car services that really make a difference to their daily drive – whether that’s helping them to find a parking spot in a busy city centre, or understanding how much further they can drive without charging their vehicle,” he said.

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Plus: Gemalto teams with Korea Telecom

In related connected car news, Gemalto has struck a deal with Korea Telecom to provide its On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) and embedded SIM technologies. By combining Gemalto’s remote subscription management solution with its eSIM, KT will allow car manufacturers to provide in-vehicle connected services through GiGA drive and a single SIM, which can be remotely provisioned with the profile of a mobile operator once the car is shipped.

Internet of Business says

Along with the smart home, connected cars will be one of the key routes through which IoT technology will emerge into the real world, and into mass acceptance. Expect dozens more deals this year.