UK BullGuard buys Israeli IoT security player Dojo Labs
UK BullGuard buys Israeli IoT security player Dojo Labs

In nervy post-Brexit trading times, UK company buys Israeli technology shop for the greater good of consumer level IoT security.

UK based consumer and IoT-centric security company BullGuard has acquired Dojo Labs, an Israeli security player with a specific focus on the consumer IoT security space.

BullGuard is known for its IoT connected device security for consumers, releasing the world’s first vulnerability checker and actively researching and advising on issues surrounding IoT security.

Israel-based Dojo Labs has developed an offering that includes home network security technologies, managed through a mobile app, coupled with a cloud-based platform that utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms to detect and block threats and anomalies.

“More than 4 billion consumer devices are connected to the Internet today and this number is growing exponentially. Until now, the security and privacy of these devices has been essentially non-existent, leaving our most precious data and possessions exposed,” said Paul Lipman, CEO at BullGuard.

Recent BullGuard research highlighted the scale of the problem and the concerns that many people have about the security of their connected devices.

66% of UK survey respondents said they are highly concerned about the security of connected devices, while 72% do not know how to secure them properly. In the US, 58% expressed security concerns while 61% said they don’t know how to secure their IoT devices.

“The transformative promise of smart homes can only be truly realized once the security problem has been solved. I am delighted to be combining forces with BullGuard at this pivotal juncture in the evolution of our industry ,” said Yossi Atias, Dojo Labs co-founder.


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