VMware announces new IoT alliances

VMware announces new IoT alliances

VMware is looking to close the gap between developers and IT with a string of new Internet of Things (IoT) alliances.

The cloud virtualization company has announced partnerships with the likes of Dell, Bayshore Networks, Deloitte Digital, PTC and V5 Systems in a bid to develop and hone new enterprise IoT products.

It’s showing a particular interest in technologies that utilise management, security and unified analytics, a focus that’s becoming relatively common and widespread in the connected tech industry.

VMware launches IoT development kit

The news comes after the firm recently launched an open-source software development kit, which aids developers in creating secure IoT data and control orchestration applications. As a result, they can make better decisions around data.

As well as being open to everyone to use, the kit also sports comprehensive libraries to help developers work with complex datasets and control flows across IoT technologies, the cloud and multiple gateways.

The new alliances have been formed around VMware’s new development software and will see the companies work with businesses to help them make the most of IoT apps, analytics, devices and services.

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Focusing on the cloud

In the long-term, they want businesses to move away from the atypical data centre and focus attention on areas such as the cloud and network edge, which are becoming key components of IoT.

Bask Iyer, chief information officer and general manager of IoT at VMware, said the IoT industry is continuing to grow and his company wants to help businesses excel by utilising connected technology.

“IoT is said to be the largest addressable market since the advent of the Internet, and the true potential of IoT has yet to be realized in the enterprise,” he said.

“As a company that has been delivering technology innovations to enterprises for nearly 20 years, we will leverage our core strengths around device management, operational analytics and security to help bring specific IoT offerings to customers,

“Our work with these companies will be important in helping businesses meet their strategic needs for IoT applications, analytics, hardware and services, ultimately extending their reach from the data center and cloud to the edge.”

Bright future

Andy Rhodes, executive director of commercial IoT Solutions at Dell, said: “Together Dell and VMware offer mutual customers and partners choice and flexibility in speeding up Internet of Things deployments. VMware is helping us pave a way for IoT innovation across industries and we look forward to the continued collaboration.”

Andy Daecher, principal of Deloitte Consulting LLP and chief IoT executive at Deloitte Digital, said: “Deloitte Digital’s IoT practice helps organizations develop value-driven business strategies and implement systems that harness the power of the IoT.

“By collaborating with VMware we can offer customers a comprehensive solution around management and infrastructure that allows our clients to boost productivity and gain competitive advantage.”