WAN technologies expected to power IoT deployments in 2016
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WAN technologies expected to power IoT deployments in 2016

The increasing development of Internet of Things partnerships and technologies will be increasing topics of conservation this year, according to Digital Catapult.

Alex Gluhak, lead technologist of the Internet of Things at Digital Catapult, has said that “2016 will be a critical year of partnerships as more companies realise that IoT business opportunities require an increasing ecosystem play. AllSeen, OIC and Thread are some examples of such emerging alliances to grow market confidence, however, many smaller partnerships will be formed between different stakeholders along the IoT value chain to unlock new commercial opportunities.”

Gluhak said 2016 is expected to be the ‘breakthrough year’ for low power wide area network technologies. Companies like SigFox, LoRA and nWave will be competing to create connectivity for IoT devices with cellular, WiFi, and short range wireless.

He also said that this year may stage huge IoT security breaches, as a security is a large risk factor for enterprise failure, but also for commercial success if risks are managed well. As 2015 saw an increase of high-profile security breaches, this year companies have been investing in digital solutions, and the number is expected to increase throughout the year.

According to Andrew Carr, COO at Digital Catapult, “the legacy ‘bolt on’ approach to security will be replaced with end-to-end security, as businesses ensure that by embracing IoT technologies throughout their organisation they don’t compromise the security of their systems or data”.