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Triton 2.0 & the Future of OT Cyber-Attacks

Click here to download now! Over the last few years, cyber-attacks on Operational Technology have increased rapidly in frequency and scale. As geopolitical tensions are reflected in cyberspace and attacker technologies become more advanced, the cyber-threat to critical infrastructure and other key operational systems is now front and center of national security concerns. There is a new frontline in cyber defense where protecting against increasingly sophisticated attacks and anticipating future developments in attacker tradecraft is crucial.

Why LoRaWAN® Is the Logical Choice For Asset-Tracking Connectivity

Click here to download now! Asset tracking has been among the earliest applications to gain significant traction first in the machine-to-machine (M2M) market over the last two decades and, in more recent years, in the Internet of Things (IoT). In early iterations, the connectivity used for asset tracking was either cellular or satellite. The objective was purely to have remote visibility of the location of the asset. However, with the evolution toward IoT and the increasing availability of new technologies—such as low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs)—asset-tracking applications are becoming more ubiquitous, pervasive and sophisticated. We are now able to communicate not only the position of the asset but also key information, such as the status of the object and data, such as temperature, speed and asset-specific information. This paper explores the importance of asset tracking within the evolution of logistics.

Fundamentals of the Digital Supply Chain

Click here to download now! The manufacturing industry is facing a new set of demands. Customers want customized parts in smaller batches on tighter deadlines. There are increasing cost pressures. New skill sets are being required to bring manufactured items to market. This white paper details the reasons why having insight into every part of your supply chain is so critical to this next phase of manufacturing. It discusses visibility, responsiveness and resilience and offers real-life examples of companies that are taking a creative, holistic approach to address the demands of their customers that require cutting-edge innovation. It touches upon ways in which typical supply chain managers can solve the issues they are likely to be facing in the very near future, if not now.

Reinventing the IoT Platform for Discrete Manufacturers

Click here to download now! The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) space is hot as manufacturing represents perhaps the largest greenfield opportunity left for digitization. Yet, IoT platform implementations have historically had a high rate of failure within this vertical. What’s contributing to these failure rates, and what needs to change? In this article, we will examine common approaches for enabling Industrial IoT initiatives, the pros and cons, and their culpability for the high failure rate.

Human + Machine: Augmented Intelligence Amplifies Performance in the Workplace

Click here to download now! Augmented intelligence applies cutting-edge technology to enhance human cognition. It doesn’t replace people, it empowers them. As such, augmented intelligence tools are primed to revolutionize coaching and development in the workplace. This white paper explores how Augmented Intelligence helps leaders scale their coaching efforts, mitigate bias, and use data to support employee development.
Very Whitepaper

IoT Security: What Engineering Leaders Need to Know

Click here to download now! In this white paper, senior IoT engineers from Very explore the complexities of IoT security, dig into the most cost-effective ways to protect your products, and establish some ground rules to guide your next IoT project.
nCipher Whitepaper

Protect the key – or don’t bother encrypting your data

Click here to download now! Encryption has seen quite the evolution. The technology, which can be traced back to BC Mesopotamia, is on the cusp of entering into a quantum era. The one constant? While encryption solutions will change with time, the importance of protecting the key will never change. In fact, the more effective the encryption technology, the more the key needs protecting.

The State of Connected Manufacturing

To better understand the challenges that U.S. manufacturers face regarding IoT adoption, we asked some of the leading experts on the subject to answer what the sector needs to become more efficient, productive, and competitive during the era of Industry 4.0.