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Internet of Business is the leading media publication focused specifically on how the Internet of Things (IoT) is making businesses of all sizes and sectors more efficient, productive and profitable.

Our team of influential and respected technology journalists cover everything from the latest and greatest IoT deployments, and the numerous challenges around Big Data, privacy, security and standards, to news from the worlds of academia and technology providers.

When on IoB, you can expect to read breaking news, interviews with industry heavyweights, and features on IoT and tackling the numerous challenges to adoption.

Want to work with us? Great! There are a number of ways you can work with us, whether it’s contributing compelling content for the site, attending our events or joining our exclusive IoB Insiders members program.

Contribute content

IoB is always looking for thought-provoking articles on how IoT can help companies, particularly if these carry some ‘takeaways’ for our readers to apply back at the day job. You’re welcome to approach us to write a piece.

If you would like to become a regular contributor, you can apply to join our IoB Insiders membership which offers a number of benefits to you and your business.

Invite us to your events – or come to ours!

Our team of journalists are always keen to attend the latest and greatest technology events in the never-ending chase for stories.

In addition, why not attend or sponsor one of our own vertically-led events on IoT?

Increase your brand presence – and business leads

We can work with your business in a number of different ways to achieve great engagement with enterprises seeking out the benefits of IoT technologies. Whether through thought leadership pieces, lead generation campaigns or connecting through our live and virtual event series we can bring your propositions to market faster.

Speak at our events

Our IoB Live events are always on the look-out for outstanding, keynote speakers with a story to tell, especially if you already have an IoT project on the go.

In particular, we are after end-users from retail, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, aviation and transport.

For more details, please email [email protected].