About Us

About Us

Internet of Business (IoB) was established in 2016 to fill a gap in vertical enterprise markets for peer-led learning and networking to understand and effectively leverage the technology advancing job roles, organizations and wider markets. IoB has successfully built an engaged community within leading US enterprise sectors, who rely on our live event and digital content to make technology buying decisions to forward strategy and operations with.

Focused on end-user lessons, IoB content presents peer-led case studies, showcasing those who have bought, built and implemented IoT and new technologies, and ensures that pre-qualified end technology users make up at least 60% of our event audiences. Everything we produce is centered around peer-2-peer learning and networking. Those affected by the technology-led change, leave with the knowledge and network to advance their businesses by leveraging necessary components and partners within the IoT ecosystem.

Vendor-neutral, we source new case studies from end users already implementing technology and choose vendor-led content that has been requested during our end-user research calls. Presenting only a limited number of provider use cases, we select those representing different levels of the IoT Stack so that our audiences leave with a holistic view of what it takes to guarantee ROI from technology investment.

Building long-lasting partnerships with the associations, media outlets and academic bodies who share IoB’s objective of advancing industries through technology, IoB ensures that our communities are presented with the richest content to help fulfill business dreams.

Contributors have included: Chris Middleton (former editor, now contributor, Computing, Diginomica, The Guardian), Malek MurisonJessica Twentyman (Financial Times, Economist Intelligence Unit); Joanna Goodman (Guardian); Kate O’Flaherty (Guardian, Times, Economist, Inquirer); Mark Samuels (Computing, Computer Weekly, Register, Times); Adrian Bridgwater (Forbes, Computer Weekly, The Register); Sooraj Shah (Computing, New Statesman Tech); Rene Millman (Cloud Pro); Nic Fearn (TechRadar); Sandra Vogel (ZDNet); Kayla Matthews; Nik Rawlinson; and transformation expert Sean Culey.