About us

Internet of Business (IoB) is the new analyst on the block. We take a vertical approach to covering how the Internet of Things, robotics, AI, machine learning, sensors, blockchain, analytics, virtual and augmented reality, 5G, and a range of other technologies are transforming connected business and making organisations of every size more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Our readership spans the globe, including large user bases in North America, the UK, and Europe. Our visitors are strategists and decision makers, with over 50 percent of our newsletter subscribers at director level and above. We have well over a million page views a year.

IoB’s portfolio of vertically-focused business events across the UK, the US, and Europe attract senior decision makers and business leaders, and include Internet of Manufacturing, Internet of Supply Chain, and Internet of Energy.

Recent contributors have included: Chris Middleton (former editor, now contributor, Computing, Diginomica, The Guardian), Malek Murison; Jessica Twentyman (Financial Times, Economist Intelligence Unit); Joanna Goodman (Guardian); Kate O’Flaherty (Guardian, Times, Economist, Inquirer); Mark Samuels (Computing, Computer Weekly, Register, Times); Adrian Bridgwater (Forbes, Computer Weekly, The Register); Sooraj Shah (Computing, New Statesman Tech); Rene Millman (Cloud Pro); Nic Fearn (TechRadar); Sandra Vogel (ZDNet); Kayla Matthews; Nik Rawlinson; and transformation expert Sean Culey.

Internet of Business events

Our Internet of Things events show how to leverage IoT to create business opportunities and competitive advantage.

Everything we do is vertical specific. Why don’t we bother with cross-industry IoT events?

Because this limits how in-depth and relevant we can be to the end user and that’s simply not the Internet of Business way.

Our content and events show how to leverage the Internet of Things to create business opportunities and competitive advantage.

We don’t do boring
We have abandoned the traditional events model.
Our conferences use the latest technologies and individual venues to give everybody involved that ‘rockstar’ experience.

We benefit the end user
Our content is unbiased and our conferences aren’t full of vendors. Vinelake don’t do sales pitches.

We qualify our delegates
They’re all senior end-users, ready to make decisions about investing in the next big technological revolution… The Internet of Things.

Our research partner – Beecham Research
Beecham Research is a leading market analyst and consulting firm that has specialized in the development of the rapidly-growing M2M/Internet of Things market worldwide for over a decade. Based in London, UK and Boston, US, they actively participate in initiatives aimed at achieving M2M market development and growth. They are increasingly analysing the impact of IoT in vertical markets. They have recently published research on the future of retail, on smart parking, on smart cities and on smart farming.

Visit www.beechamresearch.com for more information.

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