Absolut partners with IoT app to create the perfect cocktail
Absolut partners with IoT app to create the perfect cocktail

Absolut partners with IoT app to create the perfect cocktail

Your vodka is about to get smart…thanks to IoT

Vodka brand Absolut has teamed up with IoT kitchen app Perfect Company to help users make professional level cocktails from the comfort of their own kitchen. Perfect Company uses smart scales to revolutionise recipe following, and will now provide a package of Absolut cocktails for keen mixologists.

Swedish drinks company Absolut is no stranger to harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Late last year the Vodka specialists announced a range of interconnected bottles in an effort to turn its product into a media channel that extends the customer relationship post-sale. The company is also looking into smart packaging and ways in which IoT technology can increase restocking efficiency.

IoT brings precision into the kitchen

The Perfect Drink app uses a connected scale and a virtual glass, allowing users to measure ingredients and follow recipes in real time via a connected phone or tablet. For cocktails, the app tells drinkers when to stop pouring, what to pour, and even adjusts the recipe if they over pour. Absolut have supplied a range of cocktail recipes specifically for their products.

Jonas Magnusson, innovation director at Absolut Vodka, said: “We believe that technology adds convenience for consumers creating quality cocktails at home, and have a history of being early adopters of emerging technologies. Collaborating with a company who also believes that the at-home experience can and should be just as perfect as if being served by a professional, makes sense.”

Malek Murison is a writer, editor and tech journalist based in London. www.malekmurisonmedia.com