Aeris and Digi-Key Electronics offer IoT connectivity platform
Aeris and Digi-Key Electronics launch IoT connectivity platform
Aeris and Digi-Key Electronics launch IoT connectivity platform

Aeris and Digi-Key Electronics offer IoT connectivity platform

Aeries is working with Digi-Key Electronics to deliver its new IoT connectivity platform.

Global electronic components distributor Digi-Key Electronics and IoT platform supplier Aeris have partnered to provide cellular connectivity through Aeris’ Neo SIM cards, as well as a self-service portal which can be used by end users to manage and monitor how these cards (compatible with GSM devices) are being used.

Aeris says that its Neo platform allows for fast development and low costs, adding that the self-service portal can be used to accurately monitor the SIM’s activity.

Purchasing, activating and managing cellular connectivity service have traditionally been pain points for customers looking to deploy M2M and IoT solutions. However, Aeris says that the “wide array” of capabilities within the portal allow engineers to monitor usage trends, change the SIM status, troubleshoot a device, and set alerts all in one place.

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IoT and M2M

Andy Greig, Vice president of sales in North America at Aeris, said: “No longer will customers have to worry about negotiating complicated contracts with cellular providers. With Neo, those looking to develop solutions for the Internet of Things can launch their products to market faster and with fewer obstacles.”

David Stein, Vice president, global semiconductors at Digi-Key, said: “The Aeris Neo solution takes connectivity to the next level, providing the flexibility and simplicity to get customers off the ground quickly, which is especially useful in this fast-evolving IoT market.

“This platform takes the focus off of trying to find and activate a SIM that works with their product and puts that time back into developing for the application.

The Internet of Things may still be a relatively new phenomenon, but there are already a number of communication protocols emerging and powering deployments, from cellular and Low Power Wireless Access Networks (LPWAN) to Bluetooth, ZigBee and an assortment of others.

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