AWS and NetFoundry team up on IoT analytics
AWS launches IoT competency test for partners
AWS launches IoT competency test for partners

AWS and NetFoundry team up on IoT analytics

Amazon Web Services (AWS) demonstrated its IoT Analytics platform at Hannover Messe last week, and has added German software company NetFoundry to its partner list for the platform.

Announced in December 2017, AWS IoT Analytics enables customers to process, store, and analyse their IoT data without having to deal with the costs and complexity of building out their own solutions.

IoT data is highly unstructured, which makes it difficult to analyse with traditional analytics tools, said Amazon. “IoT data comes from devices that often record fairly noisy processes, such as temperature, motion, or sound, and, as a result, the data from these devices can frequently have significant gaps, corrupted messages, and false readings that must be cleaned up before analysis can occur.

“Also, IoT data is often only meaningful in the context of other data from external sources. For example, to determine when to water their crops, vineyard irrigation systems often enrich humidity sensor data with data on rainfall at the vineyard, allowing them to be more efficient with water usage while maximising their harvest yield.”

AWS IoT Analytics automates each of the steps that are required to analyse data from IoT devices. It also filters, transforms, and enriches IoT data before storing it in a time-series data store for analysis, explained Amazon.

At Hannover Messe, AWS demonstrated a connected factory that produced IoT data and sent it to IoT Analytics in the cloud, over a NetFoundry-provided software-defined private network. Via the SDN, the factory was protected from networked attacks such as botnets and DDoS, and given secure connectivity to the AWS IoT Analytics cloud.

At the event, NetFoundry said that its technology encrypts data sent between the IoT edge and AWS edge, and claimed that its software and APIs “enable new customers to spin up their own IoT networks in minutes”.

Customers are now able to get the NetFoundry Multi-Cloud Gateway as a managed service from the AWS Marketplace. 

Lucrative partnership

Michael Kochanik, co-founder and head of global channels at NetFoundry, said that AWS users now have a secure and simple way to harvest IoT data.

“The capabilities of AWS IoT Analytics in enabling the transformation of vast amounts of data into actionable information – without the high costs and steep learning curve of other IoT platforms – enables customers to get the ROI they need,” he said.

“With AWS IoT Analytics, we can integrate IoT networking capabilities to provide our IoT customers with ‘one-stop shopping’, including data collection, networking, analysis, transformations, storage, and visualisation.

“Partnering with AWS enables our customers to get integrated, end-to-end agility, security, performance, and cost efficiency at scale.”

Internet of Business says

AWS and its partners will be core players in the IoT, as AWS becomes an ever-larger and more important component in Amazon’s business.

AWS contributed $17.46 billion in revenues to its parent in 2017 – almost 10 percent of all Amazon revenue. Meanwhile, its Q1 2018 results reveal that AWS is now growing by 48 percent quarter on quarter, with a revenue run rate of $22 billion.

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