Boiler company Baxi boosts first-time fix rate
Baxi boosts first-time-fix rate with Zebra Technologies

Boiler company Baxi boosts first-time fix rate

Baxi Heating UK has revamped the computer equipment used by its field service engineers, opting for a rugged handheld device that can scan barcodes, access remote information and even support engineers’ WhatsApp chats.

The resulting spike in first-time-fix rates and customer satisfaction pleases both Baxi and its customers.

Boiler busted – but not for long

Boiler engineers need to be efficient, knowledgeable and capable. They’ve long used technology to help with diagnosis and fixing of broken boilers.

Baxi UK has taken its technology to the next level by giving service engineers a handheld computer that offers a wide range of services based around modern access to information both through social sharing and Baxi’s own back end.

Zebra Technologies’ Android-powered TC75 handheld computers give engineers access to their own email account, a special forum where they can ask for technical help and advice, their own WhatsApp group for sharing local knowledge and information, and the ability to share videos and photos to help them get advice from colleagues in real time.

All this has helped raise the first-time-fix rate by more than 4,000 jobs in the first 12 months of deployment, bringing customer satisfaction level to over 90 percent.

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It’s all about the data

This access to information is invaluable, but there’s more: the devices will be used to share boiler performance data with Baxi’s research & development and quality departments, where they’ll play a part in the company’s continuous improvement strategy.

Where a first-time-fix isn’t possible, the engineer can access inventory and order spare parts on the spot, as well as show the customer brochures. Workflows benefit too, as engineers can easily see information about jobs they need to complete. The system even completes electronic timecards to log work time.

Steve Randal, service operations manager at Baxi Heating told Internet of Business, “The engineer can take photos and video and send it to the R&D and Quality departments to inform future improvements.

“All the safety data from the engineer can be sent back to the office, which in turn helps us to improve safety and efficiency for the engineers. For example, they are now given time to carry out risk assessments, attend safety inductions where necessary and are assigned appropriate amount of time, rather than just be given the time to do the service or repair. This has helped us to plan the engineers’ days more effectively.”

Bringing all the Things together

The big plus of the Zebra Technologies TC75 computer is that it brings so much together in one place, with both interactive elements and an information rich back end to help the engineer complete as many repairs as possible on their first visit.

Randal said, “Getting technical information and advice while on the job gives the engineer greater confidence, meaning more first-time fixes and more customer satisfaction.”

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