Blue Prism integrates RPA with Google, AWS, IBM, Microsoft

Blue Prism integrates RPA with Google, AWS, IBM, Microsoft

NEWSBYTE: Blue Prism, the UK-founded prime mover in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), has announced new API integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

Via the Blue Prism platform, enterprise users of AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Cognitive services can now access a variety of AI-powered software robots to automate complex tasks from a single point.

The company says this will allow for operational AI at scale, helping organisations to “unleash the full potential of the digital workforce”.

Blue Prism’s software robots can run on premise or in public clouds. Joint customers now have access to a range of automation tools, including natural language processing, translation, and visual recognition, via RESTful APIs.

The company is currently the only RPA vendor to offer certified reference architectures for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud.

Demand for intelligent softbots that can automate back-office work has never been higher. Forrester forecasts that the global RPA market will hit $2.9 billion by 2021, as a subset of the $48.5 billion enterprise spend on AI.

“RPA has breathed new life into business operations by speeding up processes, increasing access to crucial data and digitising workflows,” said Phil Fersht, CEO and chief analyst at HfS Research. “However, as this capability becomes the norm, further value must be realised by integrating software robots into emerging AI platforms.

“Blue Prism has to take the lead in developing the next phase of intelligent RPA, and this new suite of APIs with the leading AI platforms helps create that capability.”

• Blue Prism also announced today the opening of a new Paris office.

Internet of Business says

Cross-platform integration is clearly the future of RPA systems, and Blue Prism’s continued innovation in the new space it opened is a welcome and forward-looking move.

The ability to offer AI at scale is a key competitive differentiator – whether it is via cloud platforms and integration, or all-in data crunching on premise, which will genuinely be at the scale demanded by large enterprises.

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