Chilean winery PengWine adds IoT marketing to the blend
Chilean winery PengWine adds IoT marketing to the blend
PengWine's Maipo Valley estate in Chile (credit: PengWine)

Chilean winery PengWine adds IoT marketing to the blend

Premium wine boutique PengWine is looking to establish itself in Asia, using the IOT to deliver marketing innovation that grabs the attention of tipplers.

The IoT is changing what we drink and how we drink it. It is having a say in how alcohol is made, its transportation and even the prevention of drink-driving.

PengWine, named after Chilean penguins, has turned to near-field communications (NFC) and IoT-based marketing to help inform its customers and promote engagement with the brand. By partnering with Oslo-based mobile marketing and smart packaging solutions provider Thinfilm, the winery hopes to boost its efforts in Asia and help consumers learn about its products.

Thinfilm previously joined forces with Spanish winemaker Barbadillo to create its NFC-enabled smart bottles. It was also involved in a market deployment by North America’s leading winemaker, in which smart hangtags enabled consumers to order digitally-customized wine labels. Now, Thinfilm is bringing this experience to bear in PengWine’s Asian debut, which sees three new products unveiled:

  • Smart coasters that educate users and offer chances to win prizes;
  • Placards at wine events that allow tasters to rate and comment on wines;
  • Smart neck collars and labels on bottles of PengWine wines, allowing consumers to interact with the brand directly.

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Using NFC to enable IoT marketing

Thanks to NFC technology, the simple tap of a smartphone enables users to learn about PengWine’s brand story, view its Maipo Valley estate in Chile, review food pairing tips, and order products through a mobile ecommerce application.

On top of this, the winemaker is also using Thinfilm’s CNECT platform to manage its campaigns. The cloud-based software is fully integrated with its SpeedTap NFC tags, meaning PengWine can connect directly with participating customers, and deliver targeted content and enhanced digital experiences. The platform also provides real-time analytics that will keep PengWine updated on how its campaigns are performing.

“Growing the PengWine brand worldwide is all about connecting with consumers, and we’re looking to technology to help establish and nurture those relationships,” said Chris Milliken, Cofounder and CEO of PengWine.

“Thinfilm’s NFC solution enables our customers and partners to connect directly with us through their smartphones. We feel that these unique mobile interactions will play a substantial role in the loyalty of our consumers and the success of our business moving forward.”

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The Internet of Everything

Thinfilm and PengWine recognize the permeation of IoT into all areas of life, even everyday, disposable items – the emerging Internet of Everything. While it’s easy to dismiss smart coasters and labels as gimmicky, the ease of use of NFC means that it is perfect for delivering engagement and informing consumers.

Even age-old crafts, steeped in tradition, are seizing this chance to innovate. And wine, often seen as inaccessible and elitist, has an opportunity with IoT to become more approachable and broaden its appeal.