Brighter, Sanmina create connected device for diabetes management

Healthcare firm Brighter and manufacturer Sanmina have partnered to produce a connected device for patients who have diabetes.

The device, called Actiste, lets diabetes suffers monitor blood sugar, inject insulin, and log blood sugar levels and medicine doses in a simple way.

Tackling diabetes with IoT

It works by tapping into IoT technologies that can measure blood glucose levels, dosage and inject insulin while storing data about the patient and their current state.

All this information can be automatically sent to healthcare professionals or relatives via a built-in internet connection. This means problems can be flagged and addressed as quickly as possible.

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Targeting world markets

Sanmina is a global provider of manufacturing solutions for the medical world and has created some of most complex products worldwide. It was able to use its experience to develop a sustainable device for patients.

By working with Brighter, it wants to make the product available worldwide. Both firms have formed a mutual agreement, with the focus now being on production preparation and planning a launch plan.

They are looking to target markets in Northern Europe initially, and a deal has already been reached with Swedish telco Telia Company. The companies also want to focus on South-East Asia, where Brighter is currently negotiating with several mobile operators.

Strong partnership

Tord Berggren, vice president and plant manager at Sanmina in Sweden, praised the deal with Brighter and believes it’ll aid the growth of the product in Sweden as well as further afield.

He said: ”Sanmina is pleased to partner with Brighter and support the development of a high technology medical device here in Sweden. Local support during the prototype, new product introduction and product launch stage and the ability to scale volume production globally is part of the value we provide to customers.”

Truls Sjöstedt, CEO of Brighter, is confident that by the firms working together, they can launch an innovative product that meets global demand and can help aid markets in other key locations – not just Europe.

He said: “Sanmina has extensive medical NPI and manufacturing expertise here in Sweden and is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of medical devices including products for the monitoring and treatment of diabetes.

“Their experience and familiarity with high technology medical devices provides us with confidence for our launch of Actiste. With Sanmina as a partner, we will be able to scale up manufacturing to meet global demand, and optimize market access in many key geographies.”

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