Driving Exceptional Customer Experiences

Driving Exceptional Customer Experiences

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As customers shift their interactions and behaviors to a more “digital first” and self-service world, it’s more important than ever that manufacturers deliver exceptional digital customer experiences. Eighty-eight percent of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to COVID-19. More than half (52%) of consumers and business buyers expect offers to always be personalized, and 66% expect companies to understand their personal needs. Therefore, in order to have a seat at the table, manufacturers need to meet these minimum expectations. But the companies that exceed expectations are the ones better equipped to pull away from the pack and create a competitive advantage.

Given these changes to a more digitized world, companies are under increasing pressure to deliver personalized, engaging experiences – often with lean marketing teams and budgets. This means they need to be effective and efficient with each dollar spent, deliver personalized, relevant content and information, and collaborate and communicate internally to achieve seamless, scalable experiences.

Join us to learn how to automate and scale internal and external communications, transform data into actionable insights, personalize experiences and journeys.

Learning Objectives:

During this webinar, you’ll hear from industry experts on how to deliver exceptional customer experiences through:

  • A digital and data first approach
  • Holistic, personalized engagement
  • Effective channel management


Lester McHargueLester McHargue
Executive Strategist – Manufacturing

Lester has held Executive Management through Delivery, and Business Development positions in Consulting and Professional Service Organizations, Engineering and Consulting Organizations, and Leading Product Companies. Lester has extensive experience working with clients in a consultative manner bringing thought leadership to identify, quantify, sell, and deliver transformational initiatives. These initiatives have helped clients incorporate New Business Models, New Revenue Streams, and Optimize existing processes utilizing data and derived insight to capture value. As a leader within the Industrial sector driving Digital capabilities to enable real transformation in operations excellence, generate revenue streams, and help clients utilize advanced methods to maximize their returns. This expertise includes the implementation of Digital Solutions, including SaaS, SLaaS, PaaS models incorporating advanced analytics, machine learning, and cognitive capabilities to help clients transform their entire Value Chains and Go To Market capabilities. Lester has led Industry 4.0 capabilities and guided clients in the development of IoT capabilities to increase efficiencies and drive new business models. Examples include connected equipment, real-time monitoring, Driving new Customer Experiences.


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