The Internet of Business Events Series

What is the Internet of Business Event Series?

The Internet of Business Sector Event series is specifically designed to help each market sector understand how this technology is affecting their industry and their jobs today and tomorrow.

With a mixture of insight, case studies and analysis tailored to your business and stripped of technology jargon, these are the two most valuable days you can spend. Business events for business people.

EMEA Events 

USA Events 

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17th – 18th May 2017 | The Netherlands | View website

The growing need for real-time insights and rapid response mechanisms are pressurising Supply Chain leaders to have a 24/7 up-to-the minute knowledge of the what, where, how and when of goods at the minimal cost and security risks.

Internet of Supply Chain is the only event in the world to focus on how IoT and other advanced technologies are enabling full supply chain visibility and greater collaboration – delivered through lessons learned and knowledge exchange between executives representing manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers.

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September 25 – 27, 2017 | Austin, USA | View website

Where the forward-thinking business and technical leaders in insurance meet, learn and mix. Registration is open to only insurers and the most innovative tech providers out there!

A few words from our 2016 attendees:

‘Excellent – very informative’, Chief Privacy Officer & Cyber Risk, Trans Re

‘Eye opening’, VP of Actuarial and Product Development, Greater New York Ins Co

‘Energetic’, Business Unit Manager Application Development, NYCM Insurance

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12th – 13th Sept 2017 | The Netherlands | View website

The healthcare industry faces the biggest challenge it has ever faced. Aging populations with long term conditions and new sophisticated treatments are just part of the rising cost of care. The Internet of Things heralds an answer to healthcare’s problem: ushering in a new age of efficient, affordable and better quality healthcare.

The Internet of Health brings together healthcare managers, technology leaders and clinicians to address the real-life and transformative possibilities of IoT through early adopter case studies and expert-led discussion. From innovation strategy to data analytics and data ethics, the conference will enable healthcare leaders to get to grips with the implications of IoT and how to turn the promise into reality.

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October 11 – 12, 2017 | San Francisco, USA | View website

Where the CTOs, CIOs and Directors of Enterprise Architecture, Engineers and Developers, who strive to be the IoT “builders” of the future, meet.

Hear case studies on next generation hardware and software development, the IoT platforms enabling the connected world, and how to overcome key networking and security challenges.

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7th – 8th Nov 2017 | London Heathrow, UK | View website

Low commodity pricing, the doubling of air traffic by 2020 and high CO2 emissions are among the challenges that the aviation industry must address to become financially and environmentally sustainable. Connectivity and the Internet of Things provide a cost-effective opportunity to tackle these challenges. Enabling an improved passenger experience while increasing operational efficiency and safety.

The Internet of Aviation is the only event that focuses on the important role of IoT to the future of the industry. Designed for marketing, IT and operational professionals, it will explore how to unlock the potential of IoT and leverage it for competitive advantage.

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October 31 – November 1, 2017 | Boston, USA | View website

Join a wide audience of government, private and not-for-profit payers and providers, at the only conference in the US market which brings IoT health case studies that tell ROI stories, rather than just show future technologies.

Learn and network with only payers, providers, and a handful of selected technology providers impacting the digital healthcare landscape. IoT Health US is the only IoT event focused on delivering high quality case studies for a high calibre, healthcare audience only.

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14th – 15th November 2017 | London, UK | View website

Enterprise network architects, builders, developers and technology professionals will play a pivotal role in driving IoT innovation and business adoption in 2017 and beyond. However, there are huge challenges ahead. A growing requirement to connect the disparate parts of a distributed IoT business solution together with security and privacy concerns, a lack of standards and the overwhelming volume of IoT platforms.

IoTBuild provides a unique opportunity to address these challenges involved in IoT technology choices and deployment. If you are moving from thinking about IoT to deploying IoT networks then this is an event not to be missed.

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March 26-28, 2018 | Chicago, IL | View website

Internet of Manufacturing US is the only event bringing together C/VP Level business and technical executives from leading manufacturers, to share best practices and inspire new revenue opportunities. This two-day conference and delivers high-level presentations, hands-on and interactive sessions, and extended networking and team-building activities to an audience of pre-qualified manufacturers.

Regarded as the new industrial revolution, adopting IoT is no longer a question for manufacturers striving to stay relevant in a competitive market. Today’s focus is how to bring speed, scalability and security to connected manufacturing.

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21st – 23th November 2017 | Canary Wharf London, UK | View website

PSD2 will fundamentally change the ways in which consumers will pay for items. For banks, it will open the door to a wave of competitors, require a lot of investment and has the potential to reduce revenue streams. However, Open Banking more broadly is a huge opportunity for the banking industry and if digital tools like IoT are utilised properly can lead to a frictionless customer experience.

The Internet of Banking and Payments Summit will look to bring together the payments eco-system, including: banks, retailers, device manufacturers and payment providers to discuss how IoT payments can be harnessed for frictionless customer experience in light of PSD2. The only event of its kind in the world; hear from over 40 industry speakers, network with over 200 peers and discover more about the potential of: wearables, biometrics, data analytics and management, ID verification, customer trust, security and designing a sophisticated user experience.

More USA events coming soon!

28th – 29th November 2017 | Birmingham, UK | View website

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6th – 7th February 2018 | Munich, Germany | View website

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6th – 7th March 2018 | Berlin, Germany | View website

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3rd – 5th April 2018 | London, UK | View website

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