Unleashing the potential for supply chains through IoT

Amsterdam Marriott, NL
5-6 June 2018

  • The only event in the world to show you how IoT is changing Supply Chains

Thank You To Our Speakers

To join our exclusive panel of expert speakers for Internet of Supply Chain 2018, please email [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 3841 8330.

Top challenges addressed:

  • Innovate or die trying – Which technologies are improving Supply Chain projects and cost efficiencies?
  • Myth or reality – Supply Chain end-to-end visibility
  • 3PLs – How are they using technology to deliver faster and cheaper?
  • Gain full Supply Chain visibility – Gain real-time access to the ‘where, how, when’ of deliveries through IoT
  • Data is the new currency – Monetise data by translating information into actionable business insights
  • Sensors everywhere – on the vehicles, the products, and the drivers: opportunities and limitations

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