Building the IoT Ecosystem – platforms, architectures, applications, security and connectivity

Olympia Kensington, London, UK
14-15 November 2017

How to select the right platform for your needs?

The rich diversity of IoT platforms (>400 and counting!) offers a wide choice but is also a false economy to an enterprise user.  Asking the right questions of your requirements is the first step to selecting the right platform.

Beecham Research is running a consultancy clinic and 1-2-1 meetings at IoT Build.  Come and have a chat about the market or ask our experts for confidential advice on identifying and shortlisting the relevant platforms.

1. An Introduction to IoT Pilot, an online IoT platform matching tool

Answer just 8 questions to discover a shortlist of platforms most suited to your business requirements

2. The questions you need to ask your platform vendor

Come and ask our experts for independent, confidential and 1-2-1 advice on identifying and shortlisting the relevant platforms!

Beecham Research can discuss your selection challenges by helping you to:

  1. assess whether your basic requirements are common or unusual
  2. wade through 400 platforms to identify no more than 20 that fit your needs
  3. coordinate internal stakeholders to identify and prioritise diverse needs from your IoT investment
  4. assess the ease of use for developers to develop applications on the shortlisted platforms
  5. prepare a cheat sheet of questions to ask your preferred vendors
  6. gather practical customer references most relevant to your needs

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