Fly-fishing drones, an IoT angle on angling

Fly-fishing drones, an IoT angle on angling

DronesDirect has produced a new high-tech fishing drone package that could put IoT applications into a whole new market. While a certain degree of technology already exists in fishing from ‘fish finders’ to electronic reels, this product potentially creates a new space and information stream.

The DJI Phantom 4 – Fishing Edition can be operated from up to 100 meters above water level with a controller that boasts a range of over a mile. An integrated remote camera presents views of fish to help targeting. Specimens can be caught at up to almost half a pound in weight.

Integrated sensors will indicate when the bait has been bitten. The drone will then automatically rise into the air, allowing its commander to guide it back inshore to deliver the catch.

The IoT angle for anglers

Not intrinsically connected to the Internet in the first instance, the fishing drone ships with a 16GB MicroSD card and MicroSD cable so that videos of catching techniques and footage of new areas to fish in can be shared socially.

DronesDirect MD Tim Morley has said that, “This new way to fish allows users to tap into schools of fish up to one mile from shore without the use of a boat. It also enables adventurers to explore areas of sea and terrain not covered by existing maps and plans.”

Once these new areas are tracked as bountiful, that information can be shared over the web with other fishing enthusiasts.

DJI Phantom 4 drone remains stable in the breeze thanks to its ability to make subtle adjustments to steady itself, in winds up to 20 miles per hour. But it’s not cheap, the package costs around $20,000.