Honeywell launches Industrial IoT business unit
Honeywell adds new member to Inspire ecosystem to drive IIoT adoption
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Honeywell launches Industrial IoT business unit

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has established a new business unit to assist manufacturers in harnessing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The Digital Transformation Unit will help industrial clients more rapidly deploy technologies to better manage and analyse data. The Honeywell branch hopes this will make customers’ operations safer, more reliable and more efficient.

HPS president Vimal Kapur, noted that industrial clients need to effectively and pro-actively use the data afforded to them. He said, “Since HPS’s introduction of the modern automation control system, we have helped plants and manufacturing sites around the world use an increasing amount of data to solve customer’s productivity and safety challenges. As manufacturers are looking to take the next step to manage and exploit data across multiple sites in locations across the globe, our new business unit will be a focused resource to provide that expertise.”?

Honeywell turning data into actionable knowledge

HPS has had a number of IIoT success stories to date. An offshore oil and gas customer in the Gulf of Mexico has saved $10 million (£6.8 million) per year, after it started to monitor its assets and provide workers with the real-time data needed to diagnose problems. A South American mining company has, through Honeywell, connected multiple plants to improve reliability and reduce energy usage and shutdowns, saving $2 million (£1.4 million) a day in potential losses.

Honeywell’s former vice president of sales, Andrew Hird, has been named general manager of the new Digital Transformation Unit. He said, “Honeywell’s deep expertise in IIoT allows us to solve customer challenges by consolidating data in the cloud from multiple disparate systems, applying higher-level analytics and leveraging experts who are often physically remote from the customer site.”

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Honeywell already offers several technologies to help operators manage operational data. These include DynAMo, for alarm and operations management; Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager, dedicated to cyber risk for industrial environments, and Assurance 360, a multi-year service arrangement to maintain, support and optimise the performance of Honeywell control systems. Most recent was the launch of Honeywell Pulse, a mobility app that allows plant managers to easily monitor real-time operations from a smartphone.