How the world’s best football club is using beacon technology

FC Barcelona, the five-time winners of the Champions League, is using Beacons to keep fans up-to-date on team news and sales promotions.

US start-up Estimote announced the news in a blog post posted earlier this month, in which it said that the company had rolled out sensors at the Spanish club’s home stadium, Nou Camp. These sensors, which work in conjunction with the club’s mobile apps, were installed as part of the Smart Espai Barca initiative.

By installing sensors around the around, fans are able to get a much more contextual experience of all that is happening at FC Barcelona (which has football, basketball, hockey and handball clubs), from the latest club and team news, to ticket availability and sales promotions (based on the user’s location). The mobile application even allows fans to buy tickets for a Camp Nou museum tour.

You can read more about the case study here or view the video below. Estimote, which says it is currently “building a sensor-based analytics and engagement platform”, is currently piloting a number of other use cases in the retail sector.