HPE aims new tech portfolio at enterprise AI deployments
HPE, the hardware, software and IT services company, has revealed a number of new products and services that it hopes will help organizations across different industry sectors deploy artificial intelligence (AI).
HPE's offering a workshop, new hardware and new maintenance services in a bid to ramp up enterprise AI usage

HPE aims new tech portfolio at enterprise AI deployments

NEWSBYTE: Enterprise technology and IT services giant HPE has revealed a new product and service portfolio that it hopes will help organisations deploy artificial intelligence (AI).

The company said it wants to help businesses exploit AI by making existing business processes more efficient.

“Global tech giants are investing heavily in AI, but the majority of enterprises are struggling, both with finding viable AI use cases, and with building technology environments that support their AI workloads,” said Beena Ammanath, global VP for artificial intelligence at HPE Pointnext.

“As a result, the gap between leaders and laggards is widening.”

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HPE Digital Prescriptive Maintenance Services, delivered by HPE Pointnext, is a product that prescribes and automates actions, with the aim of preventing industrial equipment from failing, as well as optimising productivity. It aims to capture all relevant data sources in the enterprise, including real-time and batch data from IoT devices, data centres, and the cloud.

Meanwhile, HPE has also put together an Artificial Intelligence Transformation Workshop, a one-day initiative that aims to help enterprises begin their AI journey by identifying AI use cases that are tailored to their business needs.

HPE Pointnext AI experts will work with business and technology leaders to formulate a plan to help businesses move from exploring AI to implementing it.

In addition to these services, HPE is also releasing the Apollo 6500 Gen10 System hardware platform –  with support for up to eight NVIDIA Tesla v100 GPUs – to aid organisations in training deep learning models.

HPE said that this enables the system to deliver three times faster model training than previous generations of hardware.

In addition, HPE has embedded NVIDIA’s high-bandwidth NVLink 2.0 interconnect to increase the speed of communication between GPUs in the system – with up to 10 times faster data-sharing rates than traditional, PCIe Gen3 interconnects, said HPE.

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These new launches find HPE joining IBM in enterprise giants’ quest to help organisations get off the starting blocks with AI. IBM recently unveiled a new data science platform, which it hopes will also accelerate AI adoption.

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