Huawei and Software AG partner on IoT solutions
Huawei and Software AG partner on IoT solutions

Huawei and Software AG partner on IoT solutions

Huawei will also work on connected car partnership with MetaSystem Group

Huawei and Software AG have announced a tie-up between the two companies that will see them offer a “complete” cloud-based IoT solution of hardware and software to customers.

Describing the offering as a “complete, one-stop-shop Internet of Things (IoT) solution”, it will combine Huawei’s hardware and software portfolio for cloud and edge computing as well as the company’s open IoT platform and network infrastructure, together with Software AG’s streaming and predictive analytics to “allow for maximum speed and flexibility in operational and strategic decisions and responses”.

Both companies said the partnership will initially focus efforts on Europe, with further offerings via additional partners that can add specific industry, integration and technology expertise.

“The Internet of Things, whether through smart industries, smart cities, smart energy and connected cars, will impact society and the global economy on a massive scale. It will be truly game-changing for every enterprise,” said Eric Duffaut, Software AG chief customer officer.

“The power and breadth of Huawei’s cloud and IoT platforms, combined with the software-based intelligence and integration capabilities of Software AG’s digital business platform, will allow any enterprise to harness the IoT and develop global, innovative digital products or services.”

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Connected car apps on the horizon

Huawei has also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Italy’s MetaSystem Group to develop connected car applications and provide a variety of end-to-end UBI (usage-based insurance) solutions for the industry, company executives said.

Huawei will also collaborate with MetaSystem Group to promote the development and transformation of the connected car industry, assist vehicle companies in digital transformation, and provide fully connected vehicle experiences.

There are also plans to integrate MetaSystem’s connected car devices and applications with Huawei’s OceanConnect IoT platform. In addition, the pair have committed to developing various connected car applications and encouraging innovative development by using the open capabilities of the OceanConnect platform.

“The IoT industry is expected to have a bright future with tremendous business potential. However, IoT can be made a success only by the combined efforts of upstream and downstream partners. The cooperation between Huawei OceanConnect IoT platform and MetaSystem enables us to provide better connected car applications for the industry. We look forward to working with more partners to provide diverse IoT applications for the industry and users,” said Zhang Xiwei, VP of the Cloud Core Network Product Line at Huawei.

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