IIoT to Realize the Digital Enterprise

IIoT to Realize the Digital Enterprise

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The industrial world is facing urgent, rapidly changing challenges. Digitalization and automation are the game changers to meet these challenges. They create terabytes of data and it is essential to collect, understand and use this data. The Digital Enterprise is doing exactly this, by merging the virtual and the physical world in a continuous flow of data. An IIoT solution that is open and scalable will enable the digital enterprise.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Security and connecting machines and assets
  • Collecting and integrating data across the enterprise at scale
  • Analytics and insights for performance and efficiency

The Digital Enterprise brings together processes that were previously separate. It breaks down traditional silos and helps bridge the gaps between software and hardware, IT and OT, shop floor and top floor. IIoT allows us to connect, collect, and integrate data to reduce cost and use resources more efficiently and sustainably.


twilson_sieTroy Wilson
Marketing Manager
Siemens Digital Industries Software

Troy has given many presentations on the subject of IoT for businesses. He is a 4-year veteran of the automotive industry. He is the team marketing manager for Siemens MindSphere, Siemens IoT Solution, and has served 12 years with Siemens Software. Troy has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

Sesh Marellapudi
Head of Pre-Sales
Siemens MindSphere

Sesh leads the Pre-Sales Solution Architecture and Proof of Concepts team within the MindSphere cloud services business, focusing on enterprise level applications in the United States. Prior to this, he was Industry Services Business Director at Siemens where he introduced several new services to the US market, including Industrial Security Services, Condition Monitoring, and Energy Management. Sesh completed his Executive MBA from Georgia State University with Honors and received his Engineering in Computer Science degree with Honors from JNTU University in India.


Siemens DI SW is a world-leading provider of product lifecycle management (DI SW) software. We help thousands of companies make great products by optimizing their lifecycle processes, from planning and development through manufacturing and support.

We work closely with every one of our customers to deliver the DI SW solutions they need to support the critical decisions that go into their products. These solutions are open, to give them the freedom to use and combine whatever tools and information they need. They’re complete, so they add value across the entire product lifecycle. And they’re more than just technology, because only our people can truly assure your success.

We recognize that building great products has never been more challenging than it is today. Products are getting more complex, as are the processes to build them. We see how complexity is affecting our customers. We see how the pace of product decision-making is increasing faster than the capacity to absorb information. And we have been actively working to address these challenges.

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