In the build-up to Internet of Manufacturing UK, taking place on the 14-15 May 2019 at Farnborough International Conference Centre, our team caught up with Julia von Massow, Head of Global Inventory Management at Thyssenkrupp, to discuss the impact of IoT/Industry 4.0 on the manufacturing sector in the UK.

Which key technologies that you believe will transform the supply chain over the next 2 years?

For a more sustainable Supply Chain the development of greener vehicles/electric cars (commercial vehicles included). IT system-wise smarter and more intuitive data interfaces will certainly proceed to advance.

More software products that aim at predicting the unpredictable future with more “precision” although this relies on data quality & availability in the first place.

What are the main challenges that companies are facing when implementing digital technologies into their supply chain?

There are two main challenges. Missed opportunities in process change management and getting people on board, because for the foreseeable future we will need people to create, set up, maintain and support systems.

Data quality [is a challenge]. The most brilliant systems and smartest algorithms will not give valuable output if the base data is not correct in the first place.

With AI having the potential to truly transform and optimize the UK Manufacturing sector, what are the key challenges you believe will stand in the way of the AI reaching its full potential?

People to develop the tools, and people to use them in the right way.
I would also want to know if we even have a common understanding of what AI and Machine Learning actually means and what expected value it is meant to add to the UK Manufacturing sector. Another point would be the question about sufficient server and IT infrastructure capacity.

As stand-alone AI tools, this may work but if we seek to integrate systems with each other and let them communicate they need enough resource and right versions to do so

What are you currently working on or are most excited about?

I am most excited about working with customers and suppliers on digitalising the aerospace SC to find more synergies and common understanding of what we can do for each other in order to drive down cost and retain high quality of products and services.

You can hear from Julia von Massow, as part of the “Digitalising your Supply Chain” session at Internet of Manufacturing UK on the 14-15 May 2019 at Farnborough International Conference Centre.

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