Marketing Intelligence Report: Data and Analytics Trends to Drive Future Growth

Marketing Intelligence Report: Data and Analytics Trends to Drive Future Growth

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As customers shift their expectations and behaviors in response to a “digital first” world, businesses have had to accelerate their digital transformations to keep up. Eighty-eight percent of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to COVID-19. More than half (52%) of consumers and business buyers expect offers to always be personalized, and 66% expect companies to understand their personal needs. Marketers have taken a prominent role in driving this transformation, and are under increasing pressure to deliver maximum impact with every investment.

In their pursuit of success, manufacturers are increasingly looking to engage, measure, adapt, and optimize every touchpoint of the customer experience. To do this, manufacturers seek a strategy for their customer and performance data that moves at unprecedented speed and scale.

Salesforce’s global research evaluates how companies are navigating this transformation, with a focus on how they are integrating and analyzing marketing performance data from all of the touchpoints needed to reach today’s digital first customers — all while maximizing marketing-led growth.

In this report, you will learn:

  • The role marketers play in driving business growth
  • The state of marketing analytics
  • Key data and analytics challenges marketers face
  • The progress marketers have made in achieving data-driven transformation

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