Nokia targets lucrative connected home with new IoT platform

Nokia targets lucrative connected home with new IoT platform

Mobile communications giant Nokia has launched a new IoT platform.

‘IMPACT’ lets operators, enterprises and governments roll-out and scale new IoT services without compromising on security.

It manages data collection, event processing, device management, data contextualization, analytics, end-to-end security and applications for a variety of devices and protocols.

All about the cloud

IMPACT also consists of Nokia’s Motive Connected Device Platform, a converged device management service. The latter provides lifecycle management for over 80,000 types of broadband, home and IoT devices.

Because it’s cloud-based, customers have the ability to add on-demand server capacity to work with large masses of IoT devices. It uses the Lightweight M2M security model for IoT device management as well, so data is always protected.

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Nokia turning towards IoT

Having moved away from phones on the sale of its mobile business to Microsoft, Nokia has increasingly been focusing on the fast-growing IoT market.

Back in February, Nokia launched an online community for customers interested in developing, testing and implementing new Internet of Things technologies and models. It also launched a $350 million connected technology investment fund.

Bhaskar Gorti, president of the applications & analytics business group at Nokia, is confident that IMPACT is the right step forward for Nokia and its customers.

“Our new IMPACT platform with Motive CDP is particularly strong in device management, security and analytics. These matter because as we work to collect and derive meaning from IoT data, it becomes more valuable to everyone involved – and more crucial to protect.”

Smart home focus

The firm has also just unveiled a new smart home solution aimed at letting network operators offer services to residential customers. It sports an array of sensors, plugs and other internet-enabled devices necessary for creating connected homes.

Federico Guillén, president of fixed networks at Nokia, said: “With the rapid growth of IoT and increasing number of smart devices in the home, residential customers are seeking a single solution that is simple to install and easy to manage.

“In a very fragmented market, network operators have a unique opportunity to stand out from other OTT players and position themselves as the smart home providers of the future.

“The Nokia Smart Home solution offers operators the chance to get ahead of the IoT trend and provide customers with a simple plug-and-play solution that is fully interoperable with the leading Wi-Fi technologies and standards needed to manage smart devices and applications.”

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