Nvidia and IBM team up on open source machine learning
It's no game: NVDIA's revenues are growing on the back of crypto-mining.

Nvidia and IBM team up on open source machine learning

NEWSBYTE IBM has announced a new partnership with AI and GPU hardware giant Nvidia, bringing the latter’s Rapids open source data science toolkit into IBM’s data science platform for on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Rapids will bring GPU acceleration capabilities to IBM’s offerings, taking advantage of an ecosystem that includes the Web-based big data platform, Anaconda (an open source distribution of the Python and R programming languages for data science and machine learning), Apache Arrow, Pandas, and scikit-learn.

Rapids is also supported by open-source contributors, including BlazingDB, Graphistry, NERSC, PyData, INRIA, and Ursa Labs.

IBM’s Power 9 with PowerAI environment will be among those benefiting from the tie-up. It will use Rapids to expand the options available to data scientists with new open-source machine learning and analytics libraries.

The partnership will also use Nvidia GPUs in IBM’s Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning to enable data scientists and AI developers to build, deploy, and run faster models than CPU-only deployments.

“IBM and Nvidia’s close collaboration over the years has helped leading enterprises and organisations around the world tackle some of the world’s largest problems,” said Nvidia accelerated computing VP and general manager Ian Buck.

“Now, with IBM taking advantage of Rapids open-source libraries, announced today by Nvidia, GPU accelerated machine learning is coming to data scientists, helping them analyse big data for insights faster than ever possible before.”

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Nvidia has expanded its ties with Oracle to bring its HGX-2 platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in both bare-metal and virtual machine instances, giving customers access to a unified HPC and AI computing architecture. HPE has also teamed up with Nvidia to improve its machine learning offerings.