RealVNC engages virtual automotive testing software
RealVNC engages virtual automotive testing software
VNC technology can be used for remote working, customer helpdesk, IT support, systems maintenance, classroom learning, training and collaboration.

RealVNC engages virtual automotive testing software

RealVNC and automated testing firm TestPlant have partnered to bring the firm’s VNC servers to TestPlant’s eggPlant testing range for the automotive market and its increasing use of embedded IoT-centric technologies.

NOTE: A VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server is a program that shares one user’s desktop with other computers over the Internet. It uses the RFB protocal which only transmits changes on a screen, meaning it doesn’t require as high bandwidth as alternatives which are constantly transmitting a screen’s image.

This technology partnership will enable TestPlant customers to run system tests on automotive technology, irrespective of system.

TestPlant itself is known as the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools — as an increasing number of embedded software technology platforms and applications start to be engineered into the automotive industry, the need to be able to tune and perfect this software becomes all the more essential.

Driver distraction regulation

RealVNC is something of a pioneer in remote access technology and the company’s VNC solution enables one system or device to be controlled from another.

The work with TestPlant is (arguably) set to be a positive for the automotive market as it will enable manufacturers to ensure systems deliver a good user experience and are safe to use and in compliance with driver distraction regulation.

“We are pleased to be working with TestPlant to deliver the best-in-class VNC technology to our joint automotive customer base” said Tom Blackie, vice president mobile and automotive at RealVNC. “We have worked in partnership with TestPlant for many years and our complementary technologies provide excellent additional capabilities to the automotive industry and beyond.”

“TestPlant makes it easy for people to test any system from desktop, to mobile, to in-vehicle systems, to the Internet of Things; and create reliable test-scripts that run cross-platform. RealVNC helps make this possible,” said Antony Edwards TestPlant CTO. “VNC technology within the eggPlant range provides the universal communications layer to target any system in a standard way that’s easy for testers.”

Open standards

RealVNC is an advocate of open standards, having published the VNC protocol, a core component of the MirrorLink standard, over ten years ago.

RealVNC is technology agnostic and complements the TestPlant solution with a range of VNC Servers and Viewers running on all the main industry operating systems such as QNX, Linux, Android, WinCE and Tizen on ARM and Intel architectures.