RFID tags bring transport improvements to India supply chain
RFID tags bring transport improvements to India supply chain
RFID tags bring transport improvements to India supply chain

RFID tags bring transport improvements to India supply chain

India’s supply chain is about to get a mobility boost thanks to Zebra Technologies and RFID tags.

The supply chain in India is compromised by the sheer amount of traffic on its roads. This makes it challenging for businesses to manage deliveries in a time efficient way. In particular, just-in-time operations are extremely difficult to implement, and this affects India’s economy.

Now India is building a dedicated transport infrastructure for trucks, and Zebra Technologies is working with channel partners to implement automated tollbooths with inbuilt RFID to help manage transportation.

RFID is the key

The decision to use RFID rather than more advanced telemetry is a strategic one. While the latter is possible, the cost was deemed prohibitive in this case. The cost base of setting up an independent company in India can be high, and yet many companies are small owner operators who might struggle to meet the cost of implementing in-vehicle telemetry solutions.

Passive RFID, by comparison, is a lower cost option, but still allows the movement of vehicles through toll booths to be recorded without the need for a vehicle to stop. In turn this will allow vehicle travel times and time of arrival at their destinations to be estimated with accuracy.

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An information hub for the supply chain

Consequently, the plan is to build RFID and video analytics into the toll gates as a non-touch system. It will allow a vehicle’s arrival time at its destination to be predicted. This means just-in-time stock fulfilment can be implemented and India’s economic should get a boost as a result.

The system will also allow toll charges to be attributed to the right company, without the need for any intervention from drivers.

Importantly, all the key players support this initiative. Transport providers, toll operators and both national and state governments are all in favour.

Ashley Ford, managing director EMEA, Zebra Technologies told Internet of Business: “We have developed this unique system for what is a unique market because, ultimately, the cost to the end-user is low.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the road in India, but with this RFID solution we can ensure that Indian businesses are able to properly manage their stock and delivery times in an increasingly time-conscious consumer market. The Indian government at both national and state level understands the logistical benefits that this technology can have, and we’re extremely grateful for their support.”

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