Driven by rising customer expectations for proactive, smart services,
the shift towards an outcome-based economy, and increased market
competition, IIoT has created new opportunities for manufacturers
to cut costs, improve outcomes, and deliver modern customer

By connecting operational technology (OT), gathering vast amounts of
data on just about anything that’s measurable in a factory, and enabling
a new breed of connected services, the IoT revolution has transformed
the factory environment forever.

But, connecting OT to the internet and the core enterprise network does
come at a cost — it creates a whole host of new security challenges.
With a vast number of new endpoints deployed on the core network,
and a wide variety of new traffic types to understand, keeping complex
IIoT operations secure is a full-time job. Plus, once you’ve connected all
of your tech and gathered your valuable data, you then need a secure, reliable, and repeatable way of turning that data into actionable insight
and getting it into the right hands.

This Insight paper from Charterhouse Voice and Data PLC shares insights from 4 expert contributors from Darktrace, Palo Alto Networks, Nuix, and Mitel.

Download the paper to better understand some of the biggest challenges you might face when securing IIoT environments, and help your company become more secure, more vigilant and more resilient against today’s biggest cyber threats.

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