Signagelive and Layered Solutions team up to transform emergency communications
Signagelive Layered Solutions emergency communications

Signagelive and Layered Solutions team up to transform emergency communications

Signagelive, which creates software to manage digital signage screens, has formed a strategic partnership with Layered Solutions to transform the way emergency events are communicated to the public.

Based in Indiana, Layered Solutions provides mass notification communication, for use in the event of emergencies or general public announcements, via IoT technologies.

The company has developed a software and mobile platform that connects to digital signage as well as fire systems, public address systems, LED signage, physical security systems and social media.

Through this partnership, Layered Solutions is providing channel partners and customers of Signagelive with the ability to interrupt normal advertising or signage if an emergency takes place.  

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Digital signage software

Founded in 1997, Signagelive specialises in supplying digital signage software and services to a range of vertical markets, including retail, education, fast food, hospitality and private enterprises.

Over the intervening two decades, it has created media playback software written in HTML5, which is cloud-based and compatible with a wide range of digital display screens.

The company is headquartered near Cambridge in the UK, but also has offices in Chicago and Singapore. The partnership with Layered Solutions aims to help solidify its position in the US market, too.

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Important partnership

Jerry Geis, president and founder of Layered Solutions, said his company’s technology can streamline the way announcements are made and is well versed for a range of industries.

“Integrating our software solution into Signagelive’s cloud-based technology provides end users with the ability to interrupt daily content with a special announcement or emergency communications is imperative to the well being of employees, customers, patients or students,” he said.

Jason Cremins, founder and CED of Signagelive, added: “Utilising our Web Triggers API, Layered Solutions enables instant takeover of any number of Signagelive managed displays or players, regardless of the physical location of the device anywhere in the world.

“The requirement for mass notification and emergency messaging has extended from education into corporate offices and retail locations as a means to keep employees, visitors and customers informed and safe at all times.

“Signagelive and Layered Solutions provide a powerful, scalable and cost effective digital signage with mass notification solution, which we looking look forward to recommending to our partners and customers.”