Singapore creating nationwide IoT network

Singapore creating nationwide IoT network

Tech firms Sigfox, Engie and UnaBiz have partnered in a bid to connect Singapore to a global IoT network.

They’ll be tapping into Sigfox’s cost-effective, energy efficient IoT network to make this possible. It comes as Singapore implements its Smart Nation Initiative.

The program will consist of IoT infrastructure, policies, ecosystems and capabilities so that all the country’s citizens and sectors benefit from IoT technology.

Fast roll-out

Sigfox and its partners have said the roll out of the network will be “simple and fast”, and they expect to offer full nationwide coverage as early as 2017.

In its position as the exclusive Sigfox network operator in Singapore, UnaBiz will lead the development, roll-out and growth of the ecosystem throughout the country.

Lots of big benefits

Ludovic Le Moan, the firm’s CEO, said the company’s track record of providing simple deployment and seamless connectivity will bode for a quick roll-out in Singapore. He believes there’ll be big business and smart city benefits.

“The IoT must have a global seamless network infrastructure to enable secure collection, transmission and sharing of that data and to address the total-cost-of-ownership barriers that delay its adoption,” he said.

“Based on our experience in 21 countries where our network is already present and registers more than 7 million objects, we are confident that our proven solution and partner ecosystem will help Singapore to implement its Smart Nation Initiative quickly and successfully.”

Establishing Singapore as an IoT leader

Henri Bong, CEO of UnaBiz, said the roll-out IoT will have a profound impact on the way citizens live, work and play. It’ll also establish Singapore as a so-called “living lab”, too.

He said: “The IoT will play a major role in building nations where citizens will live fulfilling lives that are richly supported by technology. As the exclusive Sigfox Network Operator in Singapore, we are very excited to roll out nationwide connectivity.

“We will leverage Sigfox global ecosystem of world-leading component manufacturers, IT developers and integrators to help and establish Singapore as the ‘living lab’ of Asia.”

Smart cities the way forward

The smart city concept is being made possible by the creation of IoT networks, and they provide a whole host of opportunities – from sustainable living to decongesting busy city roads.

Ryan Lester, director of IoT strategy at Xively by LogMeIn, said: “From traffic management to food production, smart cities present an opportunity to use data gathered from seemingly mundane activities to influence dramatic change.

“By connecting various components of our cities, from traffic lights to parking meters to waste removal, we can use real-time data to highlight and resolve issues quickly and ensure efficient operations across the board.

“Data-driven functionalities such as air and water quality monitoring, for example, lead to better management of resources and the environment. Today we are starting to see this in the farming industry where connected systems are already influencing a dramatic change on how we grow food.

“By being able to control aspects like soil quality, water levels, etc. we are able to better ensure plentiful harvests, less food waste and access to fresh food for city dwellers everywhere.”

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