Teaching the IoT, neural network training for dummies

Teaching the IoT, neural network training for dummies

A good proportion of the intelligence being engineered into the Internet of Things is classified into the technology sub-genre that we like to call machine learning.

Nothing too explicit thanks

If we understand machine learning to be the ability for devices to gain knowledge without being ‘explicitly programmed’, it is easy to see how useful this will be given the nature of IoT installations with deeply embedded units that may only enjoy occasional connection to the web for updates and data interchange.

Among the newer names in this space (not quite in the usual suspect corporate behemoth category) is Nimbix.

The firm is essentially a HPC cloud platform provider with a machine learning platform called Jarvice that offers ‘turnkey workflows’ i.e. essentially deployment templates aimed at reducing time to deployment from weeks to hours.

Built on Nvidia Graphic Processing Units (GPU’s), the machine learning prowess here is described as suitable for optimal neural network training.

Experienced machine learning developer, Hugh Perkins, author of the popular open source OpenCL libraries DeepCL and cltorch, is an avid user of the Nimbix cloud. Perkins says chose to work with Nimbix in addressing machine learning due to the powerful platform API, industry-leading selection of GPUs, superior-performance and economics.

Selling IoT neural brains

The Nimbix cloud platform is democratized and developer-friendly, allowing users to monetize their trained neural networks in the application marketplace. In other words, an application developer targeting the IoT space can start to build machine learning Artificial Intelligence that suits a specific deployment scenario and then take that intelligence to market as a separate defined commodity that can be resold to other use cases.

IoT brains for sale, come & get ‘em.

The firm says that democratizing machine learning APIs will distribute the power of neural networks to smaller organizations, allowing for more breakthroughs in life sciences, IoT, automotive and more.

“The Nimbix Cloud was a great choice for our research tasks in conversational AI. They are one of the first cloud services to provide Nvidia Tesla K80 GPUs that were essential for computing neural networks that are implemented as part of Luka’s AI,” said Phil Dudchuck, Co-Founder at Luka.ai, a firm that provides messenger service that serves ‘both bots and humans’.

Nimbix CTO Leo Reiter says that Jarvice is an ideal platform for machine learning applications as it provides access to true supercomputing accelerated computing with large amounts of memory, which is paramount for training deep neural networks.

Nimbix has been deployed in fields including energy, life sciences, manufacturing, media and analytics applications.