The Era of IoT Regulation

The Era of IoT Regulation

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The internet of things (IoT) has been a part of our lives for some time now. What’s new though, is magnitude of growth we’ve seen in IoT – both with devices and connections. And this spans our professional and personal lives. In fact, according to a recent report from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “internet of things technologies has emerged as the most significant trend impacting individuals and businesses equally”.

Both the overall growth and impact has governments taking note, realizing that in order to effectively secure the IoT, regulations are required. With so many devices in use (and growing!), and the amount of things they connect into – applications, networks, machine to machine etc. – the attack surface has expanded.

In this webinar, we will discuss in detail the threat that is associated with the IoT and what needs to be done to ensure a secure future.

Learning Objectives

  • Main Theme: Privacy and Security
  • Entrust IOT offerings


Kalyan-AretyKalyan Arety
Senior Product Manager

Kalyan Arety is a Sr. Product Manager for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Internet of Things (IoT) at Entrust. He currently leads the Business operations, Managed PKI & CLM (Certificate Lifecycle Management) product within the PKI portfolio.

Kalyan is an MBA and a Computer science engineer with 16+ Years of experience in leading Business strategy, Product Management & Digital transformation initiatives in different domains (IT, Manufacturing & Insurance) across different geographies.


EntrustEntrust keeps the world moving safely by enabling trusted identities, payments and data protection. Today more than ever, people demand seamless, secure experiences, whether they’re crossing borders, making a purchase, accessing e-government services or logging into corporate networks. Entrust offers an unmatched breadth of digital security and credential issuance solutions at the very heart of all these interactions. With more than 2,500 colleagues, a network of global partners, and customers in over 150 countries, it’s no wonder the world’s most entrusted organizations trust us.


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