Lamborghini teams with Vodafone on connected supercars
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Lamborghini teams with Vodafone on connected supercars

NEWSBYTE: Deal will see mobile operator become connected car partner of choice to the Italian supercar maker.

Vodafone is to become the worldwide connected car partner of Italian supercar brand, Lamborghini.

The two companies will work together to introduce worldwide connectivity to the cars, from 2019 onwards.

Lamborghini owners will be able to use connected car services, and gain access to Vodafone’s Internet of Things (IoT) network. The network will be accessible to Lamborghini drivers in over 190 countries.

Vodafone’s global director of IoT, Stefano Gastaut, said: “This is a great example of how two leaders in their respective fields can come together to create something which can really change the experience for customers and help to improve the service from the company.”

“The connected car revolution is an exciting field,” said Lamborghini’s head of Connected Cars, Nicola Porciani. “At Lamborghini, we are committed to create a cutting-edge experience for our owners, and to ensure them access to the greatest technologies. This project with Vodafone will make us sure to keep our tradition of innovation and excellence.”

Internet of Business says

While so much of the IoT will take shape around small projects and smart sensors embedded in the environment, big-name projects will be equally important to spur adoption. The presence of brands such as Lamborghini – in partnership with a communications giant – will do much to encourage public awareness of the benefits.

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