Vodafone signs 10-year IoT contract with alarm services provider
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Vodafone signs 10-year IoT contract with alarm services provider

Vodafone UK, one of Britain’s leading mobile phone operators, has extended its existing IoT agreement with alarm services provider CSL Dualcom for ten years.

The partnership means the telecoms firm will provide a managed Internet of Things connectivity platform in a bid to support CSL’s expansion into sectors such as retail and utilities.

Currently, CSL has more than 400,000 IoT connected devices operating in residential and commercial buildings all across Europe, including fire alarms. It’s been working with Vodafone for 20 years.

IoT playing major role

The deal will see Vodafone supplying managed connectivity to aid CSL and its network of connected technologies through the form of its Internet of Things platform. This plays a pivotal role in CSL’s worldwide operations.

A series of pioneering dual signal alarm units have been deployed, all of which use wired and wireless connections to maintain availability at all times. As a result, if the wires were to be cut by intruders, the alarm would still be connected to the response centre at all times.

Vodafone’s IoT management platform allows CSL to manage its connected assets wherever they’re deployed, offering real-time data about device status and connections. The firm can also make configuration changes easily, without compromising security.

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Close relationship with Vodafone

Cyril Deschanel, head of Northern Europe for Vodafone IoT, explained that the two firms have been working together for decades and that his company’s platform is revolutionising connectivity for the security industry.

“Vodafone is delighted to be working with CSL. We have a strong, long-established relationship with CSL and this latest venture really cements our partnership. It’s a great investment and example of how we can provide mission-critical level connectivity for the alarm security sector through the capabilities we now offer via our network,” he said.

Ed Heale, managing director of CSL, said: “We are adding 6,000 connections to our base a month, all of which provide complete end-to-end connectivity solutions for security, fire, health and other mission critical IoT applications.

“By extending our partnership with Vodafone, we have the expertise of a total communications provider that recognises the importance of maintaining investment into critical network services and is able to support our growing service and IoT needs.”

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